Conversation with God 3

Speaking of conversations with God…I just remembered this instance…

Two years ago, I traveled to interview people for my peace of mind( the interview was not meant to become a book then. Just something I went to do because I wanted ‘it’ and I didn’t know what ‘it’ was). Anyways, I left behind 3 babies (4, 2, and barely 1).

I left with only my transport fare, hoping the money I need will drop before Monday… I was staying with my sister, so accommodation was sorted.

The money did not drop and all my babies fell sick.

Here I am battling with common sense, that kept asking: “What are you thinking, leaving your children, spending the money you don’t have to come all the way and speak to a bunch of people you don’t know, to find what you don’t know? Does it make sense to you?”

Now, I wasn’t fighting these thoughts alone but I had to contend with coming all the way with no money to continue and babies who were sick, hundreds of miles away from me… I went to the bedroom…

Sat down with my head on the wall(in my mind, that was Jesus chest) and I cried my heart out quietly(nose and eyes dripping) while I told Him everything that was wrong and how I don’t know what to do…

Then I imagined Jesus stroking my head and back, telling me: “Don’t worry, it will be okay.”

I raised my tears drenched face up and looked at the wall and said, “it will be okay right?” In my imagination, He nodded.

So I wiped my eyes, said:

“okay, thank you.” And I hugged the wall(Him, in my head). Sounds silly but it saved my sanity.

This scene may have lasted between 5-10minutes but I felt peace flood my mind. No one knew what was going on or heard me.

I joined my sister and her friends like nothing happened.
While we were talking and laughing…

The money dropped and I received a call from my husband that the children were okay and playing outside…

Do you have conversations with God?

Have you imagined Him talking or listening or even holding you?

Will you try it?

Try it, let’s hear your feedback… Even if it feels awkward, keep practicing until it comes naturally…

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