Conversation with God 2

So I was having this conversation with God in my head… I don’t think I am the only one who does this, but I just imagine Him standing beside me while I talk and He answers. This has helped me a lot, especially in fighting depression.

Depression knocks at everyone’s door… No matter who you are, it will come But Your fight determines your result.

These are the things I do to shut the door firmly when depression comes knocking… I appreciate the little things… I don’t have money for tfare…? I am grateful I can trek, at least I use that as an opportunity for exercise.

I learn to laugh at myself… Don’t take things too seriously… You may say, easy to say, you don’t know the problems I have… All I know is this too shall pass.

Talk to me… People say its only mad people who do that… This has been helping me since ages, I can’t thank God enough for this habit. There’s something about hearing my voice, encouraging me that just soothes my soul. E.g. “kai! Ufedo you’re strong! see all these things and you’re still standing kakaraka.” Be your own hype man.

Imagine a better future with yourself in it… This is a bit difficult if it’s not a regular habit, but with practice, you will find yourself chewing groundnut like it’s sharwama or drinking garri like Rice and Chicken sauce. The key to your imagination is in your hands.

Surround myself with activities and people that will boost spirit… Avoid anyone (family or otherwise whose conversation is always about things are hard… Everyone is evil… The world is doomed) until you have filled your mind tank with uplifting information. Some even get angry when you try to counter their negative mindset/opinion.

If you can find it or afford it… Talk to someone, preferably professionals or mature minded individuals who can just listen… Really listen.

It does require strength to do all these but the strength is within if we want to find it.

Whether you agree or not…We must choose one of two option:

Lie down and feel sorry for ourselves while it plays ten ten with our mind


Do our best to fight the mind and trust God with the rest

Yikes! I digressed from my conversation with Jesus…To be continued

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