Common Sense and Inner Voice(2)

While writing about the owner of the house where Jesus had his Passover dinner yesterday, I remembered a similar scenario in verse 3-5 of the same chapter.

Jesus was eating dinner; a woman came up carrying a bottle of very expensive perfume, opening the bottle she poured it on his head…

Imagine this… You heard a prominent man is coming to town or you are getting ready to go for a big seminar/conference and while getting ready you hear “carry your perfume,” that expensive one you reserve for a special occasion. You don’t know why you feel you should carry it but you carry it anyway, while at the venue you feel or hear, “go and pour the perfume on the chief speaker/guest’s head

Errm… eskiss me?

But ignoring the voices shouting in her head, “are you crazy, what will people think, you want them to mob you, are you sure that is God, why will God tell you to do something that will put you in trouble… with no guarantee that these things will not happen, she stands up, carries the bottle, walks through the people, seats and the guards (disciples) and raises her hand then pours it all on his head.

Did she get praised or hailed for it? No! Rather as people began to notice and perceive the fragrance, those with PhD in perfume/oils, designer/quality control, and finance with investment portfolios e.t.c became furious among themselves. “That’s criminal! A sheer waste! This perfume could have been sold for more than a year’s salary and handed over to the poor.” And they criticized her harshly.

Which means there is no guarantee… I can be embarrassed; criticized, get into trouble or more for obeying God. No assurance that I will understand the purpose or big picture of what I am doing.

Growing up my parents always sent me on errands and I had to obey(sometimes grudgingly). Most times the errands were not about me neither were the results… But I have to obey them.

The same way as obeying God and His instructions even when they don’t make sense is not about me or how I feel.

This sounds hard… but if I don’t understand everything about myself, why do I think I need to understand everything before I do them?

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