Common sense and inner voice…

I noticed something in Mark 14… but for today let me talk about verse 12 – 15
Jesus told the disciples to follow a man with a water jar and ask the owner of whichever house he enters for the prepared room. He then specifies that they will be shown a large (spacious) room, prepared and ready for them to use. I will talk about this part tomorrow but for today…

Imagine this, you wake up 5 am on a Friday morning and a thought drops in your mind, “wash your yellow shirt today.”

1. You stand up and wash it
2. You roll on the bed and say, “let me just wait till Saturday and wash all my dirty clothes. Then you go back to sleep a little

Jesus didn’t say it like He had told him before, so it will be the Holy Spirit informed the man to prepare the guest house ahead of the Passover. Just the way you will hear “wash your yellow shirt today”

Frankly, I would have failed and ignored the thought; when I think of what it will take to clean a guest room when I am not expecting anyone, imagine cleaning and preparing only to leave the room to get dusty again. I can’t deal abeg…

While reading this a question popped in my thought, how many times have I missed a supernatural opportunity because it didn’t make sense or I decided to use common sense?

I am sure that was not the man’s first time obeying thoughts like that, it takes someone use to obeying their inner voice to obey that instruction. “Why are we cleaning the room?” he replies “I don’t know, I just have this feeling we should clean the room.”

From the little I have known about Jesus, I seriously doubt he came there ate and left the place unkempt without acknowledging or blessing the man and his family.

Does that mean I will host Jesus too when I obey my inner voice? I don’t know what will happen but I will be training myself to trust God, take steps of faith and be prepared for opportunities … what’s the worst thing that could happen, look stupid? Well, the Bible said God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise so…

While thinking about this today a colleague told me how her friend was having some challenges; she prayed about it, within that period she dreamt someone gave her a phone number to contact. She woke up and immediately wrote the number down; when she called the number it turned out the owner of the number had what she wanted to solve the challenge.

Have you gotten such thoughts and ideas before?

What do you do when you suddenly get a thought from nowhere to do something unplanned?

What are some of the things you have done that didn’t make sense?

Have you been ignoring your inner voice?

What have you trained yourself to do, ignore, postpone e.t.c?

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