What I learnt that informed this piece:

There’s always a tendency to bend and try to mould oneself to people’s opinion to enable us fit in.

I cannot live long enough to learn from my experience but I discovered the wisdom in looking and listening to learn from others experiences.

Most importantly God has given us the authority and the will/freedom of choice; we can drop these tools and allow the world and the devil dictate to us or use the tools for his glory but our freedom is not a license to do what we will or whatsoever we want to.


My authority my will

In my bid to keep the peace

I lost my piece

Do I regret?


Will I repeat?



My experience  my clue

The course I postponed

Now I cannot afford not to view

I pass, I fail

But have it I must


The experience I see

If wise, I learn

If not my choice

But one thing I know

My authority my will

My gift from my creator

My sword to be wielded with faith in Him

And not abused for the freedom he gave

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