Children of Faith Series

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This will start the Children of Faith series. Though this is from an adult. but she shares how she grew from a child who asks the Holy Spirit for help. to an adult following and obeying the Holy Spirit’s leading and direction. I took a lot from this conversation.

Let’s meet you…
My name is Debbie Ibiyemie. I am a dermal consultant and a wellness professional and a Computer Scientist. I have been a bit sad lately about how our children are growing up without the fire of the Holy Ghost. I recently came across a man of God who was saying that he instructs mothers to put hands on their bump daily. And begin to pray in tongues. These children usually when they are born. Begin to manifest different spiritual gifts from a young age. Praying in tongues, laying hands and all. The list is endless. So I am passionate about children knowing God early.

When did you first recall asking the Holy Spirit for help?
When I was about six (6) years old. I had this tooth growing on top of another tooth and it was embarrassing as well as painful. I told my mum that I would love to go for extraction and she said ask the Holy Spirit for help and I prayed. I don’t even know how or when. This tooth did not fall off it disappeared without a trace even on the gum. This was my first experience and of course it encouraged me.

Although my mum told me that when I was between two (2) and three (3). I always told her that I have a friend that comes to visit me and he says his name is Jesus. She said I was always very serious. That I would say he gives me flowers but somehow I couldn’t find the flowers after he left. She said immediately I clocked four (4). I stopped saying it. I don’t even have any memory of it.


After that…?
The second time was a few years after. I was given Chloroquine because I had malaria. It made me itch all over. My common entrance was the next day, so I told the Holy Spirit by tomorrow this itching must stop. I cannot write the examination in this condition. By morning it was gone. By now my confidence level had increased

By Senior Secondary School, the Holy Spirit gave me my very first scripture 1Cor 9vs 25-27
I was going to a new school and I knew it was a message to discipline myself which I obeyed and I was awed

What happened when you grew up?
University came and I don’t think I prayed for one day….. I lost track entirely

You lost your way? How did you find your way back?
When I was going for NYSC, I had issues on transit. I was stranded with two (2) strange men in the middle of the night in an unknown village in Cross River State. My phones were down and there was no help. I remembered Holy Spirit and prayed. I got instant help in the form of a man I believe to be an angel. He traveled all d way with me and dropped me at the camp. He told me his name was Abasi and everyone in Cross River knew him so I didn’t need his number. I should ask…Ignorant me I believed. The next day I started going round camp looking for Abasi.

I did this for three (3) days cos I needed to thank him. An old woman called me aside and said: “people are looking at you like you are mad o…who exactly are you looking for?

So I explained to her how this strange person traveled with me in the middle of the night. He protected me and made sure I got to camp. also told me everyone knows him.
She said I should not worry that I can never see him again because Abasi means God. that was the point I realized that once again God answered my prayer and came to my aid
I ditched God after that too. I came back in 2013 when I was diagnosed with low blood pressure

Seriously???? Well we are human and I can understand… but seriously you ditched God again???
Thank God for mercy…
Yeah… not one of my proud moments but I prayed and God healed me. So I went on seventy (70) days fasting after the healing.

70 days!?
Yes… I wanted to bring back the relationship. Then, I started this new method of tithing. I had not heard about this type of tithing before. But I will first pay my tithe, the normal one then if I spent 15k today, I will pay 1500.
So after this whole thing. I was in sync with d Spirit. I started hearing God clearly and receiving instructions.
Last year the Holy Spirit clearly called me into the ministry of worship. Worshiping in the Spirit and I would worship every night speaking in tongues for one hour. I did this every day for about four (4) months consistently. And I received the gift of diverse tongues. I am still growing but I have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit that I cherish.


I hope you were able to take things from here. Because I sure did. First praying in tongues over our children from the womb. We can still do it even though they are out of the womb already, as the Holy Spirit help us pray right.
Having experiences like this help build your spiritual muscles and faith. You can always recall your past victory to boost your confidence in God.
Also, God’s mercies are new every morning (that is no license to deliberately sin). He does not hold a grudge and He is ready to help so long as we believe.
Finally, some people are doing some radical things to get closer to God… some things up there…
I like the fact that she was real…

PS: Care to share yours or that of someone you know…? and they overcame him by the blood of the lamb and by the word of their testimonies Rev 12:11

PPS: 93 more days to the book launch of Evado stories…



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