Challenges Jamboree… Withdraw or Withstand?

I knew God was wise but I know now God is wise!

You know that story of the Israelite leaving for Canaan? How God took them through the longer route because He did not want them to change their mind on the way? Ehen that one!

I use to read that story with a half mind… what do I know of road trip in the wilderness. They were suffering in Egypt, why will they want to go back? This was my mindset until I met some controversial people who do not care if you are doing them a favour or not. And I met people who are so comfortable with status quo. that they cannot afford to sleep on another side of the bed. or taste a food different from that which they have eaten all their lives.

Recently, I decided to write a storybook for my children (Y’all already know that). It was supposed to be for my children alone. but I felt other parents will want something similar for their children too. So, I went the publishing route.

Having in mind that I knew next to nothing about getting a book out there… I read and asked questions as much as I could. But there is nothing like the real thing right?

Manuscript typed and edited check! Saved in my MS Word and mail for good measures. Illustration done. double-check

Off to Lagos I went, cos my publisher is in Lagos and she has got everything covered. what could go wrong… right?

Touchdown Lagos…

First set of challenge… Two of my children fell sick, my office threatened a query because of some glitch, except I return to the office. The money I expected for the trip and printing did not fall through. I got a call from my children’s school (they were unaware of my absence). to come pick my daughter from school as she was throwing up and running temperature. All in one day! Back to back

I handled everything calmly and immediately I ended the last call, my mother’s call came in. I picked and immediately I heard her voice, I broke down. To say my mum was alarmed is an understatement. Because I am the strong and rational one who never cries nor break down. I do that in my prayer time with God. She gave me a pep talk and encouraged me.

With tears falling down my eyes… I imagined Jesus was sitting beside me as I put my head on His shoulder. I also imagined Him patting my head saying: “I have got it all taken care of.” I raised my head and looked at Him(with my imagination). “It will be alright right?” and He nodded. I wiped my face and went to the living room, gisting and laughing with my sister. With none the wiser.

Later that day, I got a call my children were better, the money I was expecting came. The next day, the issue at the office was resolved.

The next set of challenge… My Publisher had to leave on an official trip the next day.

Okay… that’s not an issue, communication is not limited to only physical presence.

I discussed with the printer, decided to seek a second opinion. And then the questions started pouring in. Do you have this? Have you done this? Where is this?

I felt like the Israelite… oh boy, no be as we think am o! But it was too late to go back.

For one, I never knew about layout on Corel draw. Clueless me thought you take the book to the printer. In it goes as a manuscript and out it comes as a printed beautiful finish.

I had to learn the best printing method for picture book as opposed to words only.

I had a Moses… Thank God who never leaves us to find our way blindfolded.

Was I overwhelmed… you bet I was! Did I entertain the idea of giving up? Sure! But I knew I was too far in, to go back

I got a great printer who does quality works. Did all that I needed to do and had more and better ideas than before.

Last and final challenge… My house help got a call to come back home due to a family emergency. I had completed 90% of my work by the time I heard this. So I just parked my bags and went back home. God has sorted the rest out.

Had God shown me the full picture, would I have gone? No! But I am glad He didn’t!

Challenges will come at the every phase of life… but we are not meant to run back into our shells with every sign of trouble. Jesus was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit to be tempted…

Grow with the challenges. Learn with the challenges. Cry if you have to. But by all means keep moving forward.

How do you deal with challenges?

What are your unique coping mechanism?

PS: Sunday, 18th February is the Book Launch of Evados Children Series Volume 1 (Me and my sound mind).


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  • As usual….. Well done Ufedo. Don’t stop writing. You don’t know what your write-ups do to people ♥ ♥

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