Celebrating Hundred Posts

A hundred posts! I am proud of myself.
It started with a discussion with my husband. Something mundane. I cannot remember what we were discussing and the name dropped memoirs of a young wife and mother. And I thought… hmmm that sounds nice.

Then, I took a fresh notebook and wrote it down. felt it was the name of my journal. Told my husband “I am going to start a journal. And this is the name. don’t know what I will do with it yet but I will just write.

He is use to my ways now, so he wasn’t surprised. He said: “okay, that’s nice. What will you be writing about?” “Everything” I replied.

Long story short… A letter was not written in that book. Don’t even know where the book is. Rather, the blog idea came days later. But while waiting for the blog to come up. A friend suggested posting on social media. That was when I joined Instagram. I always felt Instagram was a waste of time. How ignorantly wrong I was. Because of that, I have repented from dismissing things because I do not know anything about it.

The rest there say is history… from one to two and now over a hundred posts. I have amazed myself. If I were to be journaling, I doubt if I would have written this much.

I have learnt (still learning). going over some of my previous posts, can’t believe some of those things came from me. I thank God for ideas and more that are still coming.
From blogging I have gotten ideas for a lot of things I never considered or thought of before. It seems the dam busted and the flow has refused to go back in.

Also met a lot of amazing people. I still get scared I may run out of ideas but I discovered… I have the Holy Spirit, I have everything. All I have to do is make myself available and He does the filling. Sound words pour out of me.

A step in the right direction opens doors. If you do not take the first step, you will not see the next step. I am getting a clearer answer to the question “who am I?” and clarity to my life’s purpose.

My life cannot go back to how it was before I obeyed and took that step anymore. 2018 is loaded because of a step of faith in 2017… one step might be what you need, who knows? But you have to take the first step to find out.

A clink of glass to a hundred and more to go!

PS: 64 more days to the book launch of Evados children storybook (one of the fruits of blogging!!!)


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