Can God Speak to me?

When I hear people say, “I hear from God or God told me…” I use to think they were lying or exaggerating. Then I wonder, why am I not hearing or how else do I listen?

Well…now I know God truly speaks to everybody. In my case motherhood cleared the cobwebs that blocked my hearing, maybe it’s the realization that I am way in over my head or the fact that HELP ME LORD! is my every breathe prayer I don’t know but I have seen that God is interested in every little detail.

Two instances among others are:
First, after feeding and burping Samuel last week, I laid him down, i wanted adjusting him after a while, he started crying. I tried everything, changed his diaper,clothes, picked him up but the scream only got louder, I was confused and a bit scared… Then I heard, “feed him” but I just fed him, I thought… anyway let me try that since all else has failed, immediately he saw the food, he rushed it and didn’t pause till the last drop from the cup, then he slept off till morning.

Also, this morning I removed Samuel’s diaper to free his bum for a while, prepared water for their bath, then decided to quickly make oat for his breakfast. I was about putting the pot on the gas and I heard, “go and bath him first.” No, I argued with myself. I will quickly do this first. I heard it again and tried to hurry up. Then…”Mummy, Samuel has poo on himself!” I needed no further prompting but I was late…my precious baby had messed himself up, also he was hitting my phone in the poo!!!!! Long story short, I made the oat after giving him a bath.
I am learning to listen and obey immediately(for my own good),more importantly I am not left alone and abandoned to guess my way through. What can be more reassuring than that!!!?? 

finally God speaks to us all, He wants us to hear and talk back too but that is only possible if we pause inside and listen.

Have you heard from God lately? when did you start hearing him?

Do you listen?

Remember an instance you ignored and repented?

Do share!!!


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