While in school I was bullied, it was hard and bad.

I suffered physically and mentally. I was angry at myself for taking it because some of my mates resisted being bullied but I stayed,soaking it all up like a sponge and I hated my bully, she made sure she extinguished every form of self-esteem I had and any optimistic bone in my body.

I didn’t even know how much I was affected until I woke up crying from the same consistent dream ten years later. I prayed and did everything I knew to do but the dream persisted till after i got married.

I was tired and wanted to be free, so I decided to send my bully a Facebook message since I didn’t have her contact, I told her what she did to me and how it affected me, praying such never happens to her kids…though she trivialized it, I was free; that was the end of the nightmare.

I swore none of my children will ever take any form of injustice whatsoever, they will stand up and say NO!

Then I started seeing some of my personalities in my children and like a drill sergeant I vowed to stamp them out. My husband kept reminding me:

“take it easy, they are still babies.”

I’ll be like,

“that’s how it starts.”

But one day, while I was chastising one of them for behaving a certain way, God got through to me.

I saw myself in my mind’s eye like the attached picture and I heard

“Are you not being a bully?”

Have you found yourself treating your child or spouse a way you won’t want to be treated?

Do share…


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