Breathe of Fresh Air For Introverts

I saw this post written by Subomi Plumptre. For all the introverts like me, Read this breathe of fresh air…
“INTROVERTED NOT SHY (Part 1): I think it’s important to note that you can be deeply introverted like me, without being shy or self-deprecating. A long time ago I realised that I would be poor and led by fools, if I continued to be shy. 

I needed to speak up about my ideas and ideology. I needed to be bold about my contributions and talents, before other people’s mediocrity killed me. 

I decided my route to leadership and prosperity would be by “doing”. I would work harder than anyone else. I would volunteer for things no one asked me to do. But, I didn’t just “do”, I claimed what I did. I published my achievements and gained recognition. I began to lead.
It’s easy to lead when the people around you are lazy, but dependent on the projects you are working on. Take advantage of this. Furthermore, when you are good and rare, networks will look for you. You will also attract others like you.
I also stopped apologising for being who I am. I figured if no one took permission from me to live their life, why should I take permission from them? If extroverts happily expend energy without consulting me, why should I mind them when I’m conserving my energy?
I threw peer pressure back at people. If extroverts asked why I was quiet, I would ask if it was their quietness. If they pressured me to drink or dance, I would give them the evil eye. I don’t disturb you, so please leave me the heck alone.
Introvert, your strength is your authenticity and your efficiency. You don’t have energy or time for drama. You keep it real. Those traits are very valuable, if you would only harness them.
If you can’t express yourself vocally, can you write instead? If you can’t network at events, can you use social media like I do? Find what works for you and own it. Build your own tribe – people who would defend you and open doors for you.” Subomi Plumptre


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