Break out and  Battles

I started experiencing break out (pimples) on my face pretty early (from age nine). I didn’t give it much thought then, but later I started using different products (soap, cleanser, cream, Apple Cider, E.t.c) to clear them off.

There were times I used some products and nothing seems to be happening for a day or two. Only to wake up one day to see my entire face covered with more break out… The more I used the more it came till I thought, this is not working and abandoned the product.

One day, someone said: “keep using it, it will bring them all out, then work on them one after the other.”

I tried… but looking at the mirror, it seemed the product was working on them in slow motion, so I gave it up again for another “better” product as usual.

When I was frustrated with the break out and the constant change of product without any better results. But more pimples for my efforts, I decided to really keep at using one product till the end.

My mind was made up, I obediently used as I should… I broke out more, still I continued. Were they going? I didn’t see anything but I stuck it out.

After a while, I noticed one, then two, and many others had disappeared…

The problem had not been the product but me, not holding on till I saw result. Because I believed it was not working.

The same way we pray and take steps… Instead of getting better it seems the problem gets bigger, the situation gets worse just like the breakout. and it seems the prayer and our efforts is not working.

The battles become intense… Looking at the situation, like my face in the mirror… Break out every where. No change!

Keep at it… For now long? I don’t know… But my pimples free face says as long as it takes.


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