Brains and Exercises

While going through Genesis 2. I noticed there were no grains sprouting up across the earth at first. nor was there anyone to farm the soil.

However water welled up from the ground at certain places and flowed across the land.

My life can look like there is nothing showing physically. it may look like I am an abandoned project like the seemingly barren and empty earth at creation. Someone asks, “what is your talent?” and your reply is “I do not know.”

I once heard someone say… “I do not think God gave me any gift.” some people when asked what business can you do? their reply is “I do not know how to do business or I have no idea.”

This passage to me shows that God is not going to make anything new. Everything we need is in us. before I started this post I had only a sentence in mind but as I wrote more words and paragraphs came out.

Everyone has loads of ideas within. But when our brain is not put to use in that area we are supposedly deficient in, The brain becomes lazy in thinking and generating in that area. It then becomes hard to produce results in that area.

My mother brought a distant relative (little girl, eight years) to leave with us. she said someone who will play with my children. So automatically I have four children… Don’t you just love mothers! Four children!!!!

Anyways, the girl is used to people making all decisions for her without asking her opinion. She waits for me to ask if she is hungry. she waits for me to ask for her assignments. if I do not tell her or ask her, it never occurs to her, even when she sees my children taking action.

I encourage her to take decisions on her own. whenever she takes a decision I ask her why did you go this route? what were you thinking of? Do you think there would have been a better way? Questions that encourages thinking out of the ordinary… but she looks at me blankly and says… “nothing is on my mind or I was thinking nothing.”

She prefers you tell her what to do than telling her to think of a way. Whenever she gets something right. I encourage her by clapping or showering praises and she smiles happily ready to please.

She is eight and it is so hard getting her to change from her set ways. but the tide is slowly but gradually turning in our favour.

Why then do you think, you in your 20s, 30s or 40s below or above. who have thought you do not have a talent or gift and business idea will get an idea overnight? when you have taught yourself the other way most of your life?

Have you ever examined your mindset and speech patterns?

Are you set in your ways?

What are you doing about it?

Do you have the patience to do the exercise required for your brain or you expect overnight turnaround?

Work your brain… six-pack brain goals.


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