Bottom Bucket or Filling Up?

Today I heard an interesting perspective. My colleague said whenever his friends move a level higher than him. anything better than his present state, he withdraws from them. Either the friendship ends or he keeps them at arm’s length.
That sounded weird to me. I asked him why that was. he said so it will not seem he is begging or intend to beg them for money and some other flimsy excuses.
I told him that is recipe for backwardness and poverty. Explaining with this analogy.When the water in a bucket is low, it will remain at that level. and you will need about ten or more of that quantity to fill up the bucket. But if you take that water at the bottom and you pour it in an almost full or half bucket the level of the water rises higher faster.
That is the same with life. When you stay on your level, or with people like you, you will keep struggling. but when you seek to know and learn more from people who have gone ahead of you. You bypass their mistakes and enrich your soul (your pocket included).
I don’t know why someone should think they have to maintain their lane. there is no solo lane to success. We need people whether we like it or not. You shouldn’t snub those who are on the same level with you neither should your eyes remain set in that category. we should always set our sights higher.
These people were in my position before. How did they get out? What did they do and are still doing? What are their habits? We cannot leave long enough to learn from our experiences. When we get to their level, we set our sights higher again. Ever growing, never satisfied with were we are. Because there will always be people who have attained higher than where I am. Death should be the only thing that makes us say… lesson over, class dismissed.
This is applicable to spiritual, intellectual, financial and all the ‘al’ family. We are created for more, so should always seek to know and do more. Till death, we will never plumb the depths of all that God has made us to be. stop shortchanging yourself.
Ephesians 3:20 says “God is able to do exceedingly abundantly, above all we could ever ask or think. According to his power at work within us.” the power is working within us… to always do more… Well, what do you think that means? Stay on your level? You be the judge of that.
By all means be grateful for where you are and what you have. But do not remain there!
What stage are you?
Who do you surround yourself with?
Are you content with the bottom of the bucket?
How are you growing?
I dare you to raise the bar… a little higher… yes higher…next level… and the next… keep going.

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