A block at a time Builds a School…

I was talking with a friend and she shared her aunty’s start-up and a school with me. I want to share it here because it inspired me and it can inspire someone else to move.
According to her, the aunt (a teacher) noticed parents. Especially housewives and working class mothers in her compound. wanted someone to help babysit their children while they ran errands once in a while. She volunteered to do that for a token (200naira).
While the children were with her, rather than being idle. She helped with their homework for those in school and their weak areas. Then the little ones were given something to stimulate their brains.
After a while the money increased to 500 naira. it formally became babysitting and extra lessons. More parents heard and sent in their children. The coaching attached with the babysitting pricked their interest. They could see improvements in their children. Also, the little ones, whenever they start school. Began steps higher than their age mates because they have were prepared ahead.
Her living room became too small for the children… she had a carpenter do a demarcation in the balcony where the older children stayed. Then the younger ones remained indoors.
Parents were encouraging her to start a school. Their reason being their child were better off at her place than their schools.
She discussed with her husband. With the money saved over the years(she did the babysitting thing for years) she bought a land (in Lagos). Within months, she raised two story building for the school. alongside a personal house for her family. graduating from tenant to landlord.
The school has been running for three years now and growing stronger.
She was a teacher and loved what she does. Aside her job she found a way of making extra income doing what she loved.
There is always a smaller way of starting a big thing. A cheaper way of starting an expensive thing. What is the big idea and how can you start a block at a time.
She might as well have said: “I did not go to school to wipe children’s nose and butt for a giveaway price at home.” But she saw it as a means to a higher place and so she did it with an extra touch.
Another thing is she saved and kept saving… it was only 200naira and then 500naira (it increased over time) she was charging. But it is so easy to say it’s a small amount and use it all up. waiting for when it is big to begin saving.
Finally, she invested in the children (by default their parents). Invested in herself and also her finances. When the time to start the school came… it was like preparing for a meal and having all your ingredients chopped, diced and washed. You still have to do the work but under less time with less energy.
What’s the excuse again?
PS: Sunday… You know what day it is? Book Launch Day!!! So Surreal…

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