Bless The Lord, Oh my Soul… 

I was to travel for a meeting, by my calculations, I should be there by 8:30(if I was too late) but I found myself just leaving the park by 8:30… Ha! Calls kept coming in, where are you? Are you almost there? I had to switch off my phone because I was becoming tensed.

By 10am, I was still on my way for an 8:30 meeting. So I prayed; “God please delay the meeting till I get there in Jesus name. Long story short, the meeting started about an hour after I got there. Call it coincidence but I see that as answered prayer.

I had questions for God, I said, ” Father, thank you for granting my request but I don’t understand. Why do you give me answer in things like this but the big things I have been asking for months and even years I have not seen a reply yet?

Last month God took me through seasons. This month He is teaching me on Chasing the Blesser rather than the blessings. I know God is teaching me on something when that topic dodges my every step. When it was Seasons, I saw books, music, posts on Seasons everywhere. Now I am seeing the same thing (books,songs,posts e.t.c) on serving God for God sake.

In the midst of life’s up and down I have forgotten what that means, my prayers is filled with “give me, give me.” Even when praying, praising e.t.c, its with an agenda, there is this thought of “maybe this will bring my answer.”


while going through His teaching, I see what I have been doing.

The Blesser comes with the blessings, you pursue Him, you get the extra that comes with Him. I now understand better what Matthew 6:33 means. 

Bless the Lord oh my soul not Bless my soul oh Lord… Which have you been doing?

Does that mean I get an automatic answer? I’m still learning, I don’t understand it all yet, truth be told, it’s hard tuning my mind away from the countless things I want but I am gradually getting to the God for God sake, by His grace.

What (has)is God teaching you currently?

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