Blackmailing God

Babies overtime learn that crying get’s them what they need and want. So, when they are hungry, they cry! When they are sleepy, they cry! When they are hot, they cry! Cry! Cry! Cry! and get your needs met!

Adults like a puppet always jumped to attention whenever babies cry; they run or walked to them (depends on the intensity of the cry or scream).

As they grew from babies to toddlers and older, most of these children realized, mummy/daddy always gives us what we want, whenever we cry and then they start blackmailing adults with it.

Some adult/parents will not mind cutting off their arm if it will make that child stop. It doesn’t matter to them if what the child wants is for their good or not. The cry ‘disturbs’ them: “what does he/she want, let them have it, they are just children!” I often hear people say.

My mother told me when she was younger (she is the last born) she always scream/cry whenever she doesn’t have her way and if my grandmother hears her, she beats whoever was responsible, no question asked and that gets her to stop.

When my younger sister was a toddler, that was her tactics too and the scream will make you think someone slit her throat; but when my mother realized what my sister was doing, she spanked my sister instead and the scream/cry for attention automatically stopped.

I started having children and I started experiencing the same thing from them, I already knew this tactics.

One of those instance; my daughters wanted going out with Daddy, we refused, they both started crying but the blackmail wasn’t working because for this outing, he just couldn’t go with them, besides it was getting late. When they heard no, the volume increased.

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Sometimes we give in (my husband most times, they have him wrapped around their little finger, LOL) but we needed them to understand that sometimes, it’s just No!

My husband left and I tried explaining to them: “crying when we say no will not make us change our mind…then I thought: wait a minute…I do exactly the same thing to God! I cry, maybe he will understand how much I want something, and then he will answer me. I cry, maybe it will make things turn around or shorten the time. I cry so God can feel guilty when he sees poor me then change his mind and give me a shortcut. Like my children, I also try to blackmail God with my tears.

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Just like overlooking the tears of my children doesn’t make me love them less and ignoring their manipulation doesn’t mean I don’t want the best for them. Likewise, God wants the best for me and loves me but my tears will not make him do it in my timing.

Rather, I follow his word, stand strong and do my part while I trust him for everything.

PS: Do you think allowing our children manipulate us will make them think they can also manipulate God?

Since it works on us (the manipulation), won’t that make them think God loves them less if he doesn’t fall for it?

Just wondering…

PPS: When we are tempted to give in to those tears for our ‘peace and quiet’ I think we should think of the far-reaching consequences.


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