Be Anxious for nothing…

Anxiety is a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome. While it fuels some to action, it freezes others to inaction.

I deal with anxieties sometimes from thoughts of the unknown, thinking about the future, things I haven’t done, my children, my life and its’ trajectory. Whenever the overwhelming feelings envelop me, I freeze and withdraw into myself.

As I grow I am learning to take one step at a time, take deep breaths, talk to myself, rant to God, my husband, and some of my friends. These are the things that calm me.

Writing about it, I see a mental picture of myself with several crates of eggs, trying to balance them, picking up more eggs and dodging the rain and storm while crossing the high way. That is what I do when I get anxious about all the things that I think are important.

In this mental picture, while struggling with all these precious loads, a car stops by and the driver comes down. “I know the way, let me help you. He says and proceeds to pick up the eggs, collect the crates and gently drops them in the booth, instead of helping me cross the high way he takes me to my destination.

Would it be wise and sane if I were to say, “no, I can manage on my own, thank you.” while I continue the struggle with my load?

I think Jesus said, cast all your cares upon me, be anxious for nothing, I give you peace that surpasses all understanding but I have been insisting on packing the weight on my chest.

Did the rain stop when the driver stopped and offered assistance?

Did the cars on the highway pause for us to pass?

Did the eggs automatically jump into his hands?

Did the load disappear?

Did the journey end?

No, no no and no… but the journey became easier while the weight of the load was lifted to a more secure place.

I wrote this for myself and for all those who struggle with anxiety for one situation or the other… tomorrow, health, family, finances, relationships, career e.t.c.

Will you hand it over and enter the car?
You prefer to manage and continue your struggle with the load?

Close your eyes and see yourself handing those heavy crates over. Do it as many times as worry and anxiety try to push the load back into your hands until you learn how to be anxious for nothing…

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