Basking in Mediocrity

basking in mediocrity

Basking in mediocrity

I have been asking God some questions lately because I have been noticing an up and down movement in my life.

Going through my Instagram, I came across Chinonso Ogbogu of The Incubators Africa’s post on mediocrity, according to him:

“So many young entrepreneurs are feasting in the banquet of mediocrity. We dance in sheer mediocrity. While encouraged by the growing cheers of those who seem not to know any better. We get locked in people’s praises that eventually we stop growing-we simply plateau. That’s dangerous! Mediocrity can be a five-star prison that can comfortably keep us locked in nothingness…”

He directed the post to entrepreneurs, but what I saw was my life…the times I worked, prayed or even embarked on things, then when I saw a little shift forward, rather than intensify effort, prayer, time, I relaxed to enjoy the crumbs I was seeing and since it was only a shift I fall back to square zero.

Like a ping-pong ball, I put in effort, pray, a shift in my life, I relax to enjoy the crumbs and back again…it was like a screen showing  my life while reading this post because I saw myself mirrored in the words.

I have been basking in the euphoria of mediocrity without knowing, being my problem all along. How do I get successful this way? I never would have progressed beyond the barely getting by stage. I am glad I asked God questions and through his holy spirit, he led me to the answer.

I realized the more successful you get, the more effort, time and prayer you put in…I knew this but I didn’t ‘know’ nor apply it. Neither did I know I was even walking the path of mediocrity

Are you depriving yourself from attaining great heights? Have you realized it? Prayers is more than talking, are you asking the right questions and expecting answers? When did you discover what the problem is?

If you don’t ask, you will not know!

your words  and sharing might just be what will make that difference for someone.

share and share your thoughts!!!


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