Babies and Spouses

You’ve done all the best you could for your children: taught them morals,respect and all the what-nots that will make them great men and women tomorrow… Made sacrifices, given them the world if you can with plenty prayers even fasting, and hallelujah! they turned out well.
Time to marry, they go successfully you smile sheepishly and relax, time to be called grandpa/grandma but nooooo…one man or woman comes in the name of husband or wife to scatter all the effort you have made with beatings or different abuse in different forms. Ha! My Children!

These were the thoughts that went through my head as I anointed their heads while they slept.

Yes, I am doing my best, but what of the other parents, what if they are dysfunctional, have relatives with warped ideas that will do that which will result in the negative turnaround of my children’s spouses…?
Therefore I have resolved, whenever I am anointing them or prophesying over them I say “you and your spouse…” That way they are prayed for together, they are still young yes, but let me kick-start it now to avoid stories that touch later.

Then, as they grow, I teach them also to work hard and continue praying for their career, finances and spiritual walk and that of their spouse, and then their children.

Hopefully, the other parents will be equipping their children too, if not, we’ll not suffer the consequences because our prayers through God is safeguarding our future.

Therefore on this children’s day, I cover Victorious, Destiny with Samuel(his wife hasn’t been born yet but hey, the prayers can be waiting for her) and their spouses with the blood of Jesus, their place shall no one take as they flourish to the glory of God. Amen!

What prayers do you pray over your children?

Do you pray over their spouses? career? future?

2 Responses to “Babies and Spouses

  • Gosh! so needed!
    Karen Kingsbury shares on how she started praying for Kelsey- her daughter’s spouse frm when she was a little girl. Now she is married and indeed the man is the one they prayed for

    God bless you ma. He sees. He hears. you will reap the harvest of these prayers in Jesus name, amen

    • Ufedo Love
      2 years ago

      Thanks Frances! Amen to your prayers.Wow! I didn’t know that about Karen Kingsbury, so encouraging! Thanks for sharing Frances and Amen to your prayers.

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