Available Parking Space For Life

Last week, I went out with a colleague, and he had to stop over at a supermarket for some things. It was a place he usually frequents for groceries, so he had his favorite place for parking. But on this day, he was in a hurry. Thus he wanted to park where he could easily come out without hassle. When we got to the supermarket, I heard “Oh no!” “What happened?” I asked.
According to him, he had planned to park at a perfect spot for what he intended but someone beat him to the spot.
“Okay,” I answered. “So what do you want to do now?” I inquired.
“Nothing,” he replied. “I will have to park at my usual spot and hope no one blocks me when I come out.” he said resignedly as he made to turn into the car park.
“How about here?” I asked, pointing at a spot directly in front of where we were. He glanced at it and said. “Oh, I didn’t see it, this is even better.” Then he parked there.
While walking into the supermarket I told him. “You know that was an example of a classic life situation right?”
“How do you mean?” he queried.
Sometimes we are so fixated on a particular plan or way. It could be we have tried to take a risk at something different. but after planning, working, imagining and doing all we arranged. Then life throws a curve ball our way.
Rather than looking for another way or method, we crawl back to the safe and familiar. It may not be what we want but at least it is manageable.
The space you planned to park your car is occupied, so you decided to go back to what you knew. You didn’t bother to ask yourself, can I check for something better? There was something better right in front of you. but because you were only concentrating on what you knew and what you wanted… you did not see the better option available.
“I never saw it like that, it didn’t even occur to me to check for another space.” He replied as we headed to our destination.
So… are you looking for a better parking space or you are going back to your old familiar parking space.
What do you see… an occupied space or available space ready for the picking?

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