Are you suffering from see finish?

Last year, I was to attend a conference but I kept pushing off the registration because I felt what else is new? What do they even have to teach that I have not known? Later I decided, let me just register so it won’t be as if I am not encouraging or jealous or something. Long story short I registered grudgingly with no expectation whatsoever.  Thinking about it later, I realized I was suffering from pride. Do we ever get to a stage that we have known enough? That conference turned out to be the best thing that happened to me at that period… it was information about how and when I needed it.

That incident reminded me of what I had forgotten and what I didn’t know… what we need is with people and we do not get to select who carries the answer or solution we are searching for.

Is it not my ordinary house help, what does she know?

Is it not that scabies ridden boy I know from childhood?

Is it not someone I saw wearing diapers yesterday or running about naked in the neighbourhood?

You! the child that suckled my breast or small child of yesterday what do you think you know that you can now talk to me?

I have read or seen it all, what is new that they want to tell me again?

With all my exposure and pedigree is it this local person that wants to tutor me?

What is she/he feeling like, what do you know that people will not eat and drop their plate peacefully?

While we are raising our noses at the ‘unqualified’ people we indirectly raise our nose at the answers to our prayers and solutions to our problem. Then we run after the ‘qualified’ ones that will end up delivering empty promises because they never had our solution, to begin with.

Are you tired of empty clouds in your life that promises much but delivers little? Look again… maybe, just maybe… your answer lies in what and those you are ignoring.

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