Are we going to die…what will happen?


Nicodemus did not want to form ITK(I too know) or too proud to ask a small boy(even if His results showed there was more to Him) for answers.
How many times have we missed chances or opportunities for growth because we feel the source is too young or beneath us, maybe we are ashamed of how the person will see you?
I have been reading and hearing of eternal life but I have not really given it a deep thought… I felt, I have given my life to God, so that is sorted.
But recently, Nuggie asked me. “Mummy are we going to die? What will happen when we die?
Hearing this and reading this chapter, because this chapter alone mentioned eternal life more than three times. If God keep saying eternal life and had to send His son to die for me to have eternal life then it should be important.
I remember seeing a video of Franis Chan giving an analogy with a long rope where the tip is our life on earth and 99% of it was eternal life (living forever). Therefore eternity is way longer than the supposed long life we think we have on earth.
I like being alive, I also like the fact that I will die at the end of it all… This up and down won’t be forever.
But I am shocked to realise that, I am not thrilled with eternal life…. I kept asking myself, won’t it be boring? I was led to the book of Peter which says God will destroy the the Earth and bring a new Heaven and Earth. It lifted my spirit, because it means things will not be the same… Rather better than the best I know now.
So, I’m praying to really get the idea of eternal life and see what He’s planned… If I don’t get it how will I look forward to it or leave my life with it’s consciousness?
Have you really thought of eternal life, as in ETERNAL?
Why is it so important that God keeps talking about it to the point of sending Jesus to secure it for me and you?

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