Against Infidelity

Isaiah 66:11 New International Version

My husband will nurse and be satisfied at my comforting breasts; He will drink deeply and delight in my overflowing abundance.”

Proverbs 31:11 King James Version

The heart of my husband does safely trust in me, so that he shall have no need of spoil.

NB: When soldiers go to war, the things or treasures they carry from the conquered army or nation are called spoils of war. A man already rich will not need spoils of war, just the way a king will direct his soldiers to take anything they fancy; you will not find the king searching for treasures with his soldiers. Likewise I am declaring that your husband will find no need or interest for any extra treasure, loot or spoils any where he goes because the treasure/loot at home is enough for him.

I can say I trust my husband but what about those outside, who are ready and willing to be temptress and tempter(men also bring temptation of diverse kinds: money, wrong places, ideas e.t.c)



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