About me

Hello there!

An about page is far easier when others do the talking but when its your turn urrggh…

Anyway here goes!

I am Ufedo Love, a young wife and mother of three munchkins

This blog is about my journey through marriage,motherhood, life and how the holy spirit uses everyday activity to help me grow! In this school everyday is class! and…

I love God {still discovering what that love entails} words {I get my fix from beautifully crafted words} food {meet the queen of mix and match, eating and creating}I am fascinated with creating things {I love learning new things and the fact that I can learn from every bit of creation} love spontaneity and travels {travelling the world is definitely on my bucketlist}  love happy endings, good music burst my creative juices. I can be taciturn, and a talkative; depends where the situation finds me. Mushy on the inside with a tough outside.

I am learning daily and glad the Holy Spirit is ready to direct my path…

Being a wife and especially a mother has gone a long way in boosting my growth process…which I hope to share

There’s been mistakes, no regrets, no better past but I have learnt, moved on and still learning…making my mess my message.

Welcome… hope you will share your experiences too so we can learn more!

Flex those fingers! comment and share!

Much Love