A Lesson in Pride

I have always thought of myself as a humble lady. If you ask me, I will tell you, I treat people equally and fairly.

There’s a car wash (run by a young guy) who does his thing within the compound where my office is situated. The car park is also beside his stand, so I usually encounter him every day. I do greet him and vice versa.

One day, I came to work and I told him; “Good morning.” He replied “how are you?” I got angry and thought, can you imagine? I am greeting this small boy and he’s telling me “how are you” how dare he….who does he think he is? Is it because I am bringing myself low to even greet him first? blablabla. Long story short, I never greeted nor spoke to him again.

About a week later, I went to a friend’s place, on my way out I met her husband coming in, and he’s by all standards higher than me. Before I could greet him, he told me “madam, good morning.” And the next thing I heard myself saying from nowhere was “how are you?” then he replied, “I am fine.” Later, I was speaking to my friend and she told me her husband was laughing at me when I told him how are you. I was relieved he didn’t take offence.

As I dropped the call, I remembered my experience with the car wash man and it mirrored this scenario, only the roles were reversed. He found it funny and didn’t see anything wrong with it while i saw it as an outrage. I felt very low as I realized my wrong thinking and behavior.

Deep within me I heard; “what makes you better? Does it really matter who greets first and how it’s answered? Who gave the blueprint on who is high and who is low?

Had I not experienced it first hand, I doubt if I would have seen any error in my ways.

The next day, I came to the office and saw him going about his daily job; washing cars; he didn’t see me but I saw him. I went to meet him and in a voice loud enough for him to hear, I said “good morning !” I was waiting for his “how are you,” so I can reply with a robust “I am fine!” but he said “good morning Ma’am, welcome, how are the children?

I was disappointed because I wanted God to see I got the message loud and clear and I am willing to change but.. oh well, he knows my heart.

I have never felt lighter walking to my office. He didn’t know the drama going on neither did my friend’s husband know the lesson he thought me but I am glad the purpose of it was achieved. The car wash man and I are now friends; in fact I make sure I greet him with a smile always and a little chitchat once in a while.

I am also learning to look out for God’s corrections, as I ask the Holy Spirit for help in seeing and yielding.

Had any such experience? Let’s hear you


2 Responses to “A Lesson in Pride

  • I really love this.
    I used to think I was humble too till God showed me my heart frm one instance with my mom.
    God help us all ohh…repentance and change should never be far away from us.

    Well done ma. Great blog!

    • Ufedo Love
      2 years ago

      Thank you Frances. Great job you are doing also on your blog. I just read your ‘Guide to spending time with God series’ and I was blessed

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