A Child in a Woman

As a single lady, the struggle was real. I always thought, “maybe he’s the one,” an endless question I kept asking myself in my foray at the dating market. I discovered there are different frogs on the way and different culture and traditions that can be a stumbling block.

The victory is not in getting the right man but in knowing there’s only one right love and one right person who is God. When you understand this, it takes the pressure off. Then while you are doing your thing, with your eyes off the market and on God;  God will tell you, can I interrupt you? I have a gift for you! and you know what they say about God’s gift…it makes rich and adds no sorrow (Prov 10:22)

This poem is my journey to this discovery years ago as a single lady.

I met him

I met him in the church

He sang so slowly

He looked so holy

I, carried away so slowly


Someone faster than my innocence

He who I gave too much room for

Someone that had my heart

He was dragging it under his heel but dint know it

My heart!

Something to be oohed and ahhed over

That is mine! That is mine!

But he paid no mind

Grinding it into the grubby soil


I don’t know what made me

But I picked it up and saw it

I saw it, I saw the message

A man who was too busy to text

Too loaded to call

“You don’t understand,” he said

“You are a child” he said


She wrote: “did you know how you made me last night?

You make me want you more”

“Why oh why did you do this to me?

Make me fall in love with you?”

The next said


I laughed and dropped it

I felt no hurt, no pain

And I was at peace.

So cool that I went to his house

Cooked, cleaned and caressed


Then I wondered what to do

They all say

You are an African woman

A man is allowed as many women

Then it might be you he chooses

Don’t be childish

It’s no big deal


Am I in the wrong skin?

Or in the wrong place

Or in the wrong world

For I want mine?

Definitely no

God knew before he brought me


Or am I impatient

Hurriedly kissing every frog

To get to my prince

God didn’t make it like this


So I have hope

Hope that I won’t have to compromise

God’s standards to please them

I want his best not man’s best

No decision yet

But I am asking, so I will get it soon

What do I do?

Africa?  God?

Society?  my peace?

A dilemma of a child in a woman


And then it happened

The child met the woman

And they became one

My identity is not in his faithfulness

My identity is not in his betrayal

My identity is in God’s love

Christ redemption

The child in the woman found her place in God’s love

Unconditional love that turns not

With that, I stepped out!

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