Experiences as a Mirror…

Right about seven years ago, I was an assistant teacher in a school in Abuja, The children were within ages 4-6.
There was this cute and adorable boy called David, he was the smallest of all in the class but smart as a whip. He cried to me one day, “Miss Love, everyone is calling me David, the small boy.” He didn’t like it one bit. I thought of what to do, then I reminded him of the story of David, who was also a small boy but did mighty things.
I told him, “David do you know what you will do? He shook his head. “Whenever anyone calls you David the small boy, raise your hand like this 💪🏼💪 and say yeah, that’s me and don’t forget to add mighty too, because I am small and mighty!
I often saw David with his little hands puffed up, telling everyone he was ” small and mighty “. I had forgotten all about this story.
Recently, my daughter came to meet me, her classmates were calling her small (height wise, she is the smallest in her class) immediately I remembered David and used the same method.
I remember one of the ladies in the book sharing how no experience in life whether good or bad is a waste; there will come in handy in the future and this scenario further proved her right.
What past experience have come in handy in the present?

Can you share?
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