The purpose of the purpose

Meet Isi Igenegba… She had me nodding my head like an agama lizard and hmmming like a siren.

Among the gems she dropped is… “No matter how purposeful you are as a woman and how much you are walking in purpose, you must know when to put on the cloak of meekness. 

There should not be a time that your husband should feel that there is no place for me in her life. As strong as I am when I am with my husband, I am like jelly. He knows and believes that I need him.
The problem with us most times is that we are strong and intelligent and we want to bring that into the home. Men want to feel relevant, they want to feel in charge and loved and needed, like “I am really the one behind this power engine.”




When I come into my office, I put on the cloak of boss, I grew up a tomboy and I still am, to a large extent and very handy but that doesn’t mean I take charge of everything at home. I intentionally put my strength under subjection and that is meekness. *


You were created to help, be a helper to the man. If what you are doing is not helping him emotionally, spiritually, physically, psychologically, mentally and health wise then you need to stop, retract your step and ask God how this your purpose can serve the purpose of you been a helper.”
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