My Accurate Time Keeper

My husband is a stickler for keeping to time… When he says 2 o’clock, then two it is and so is my Dad.

Myself on the other hand… I try but with children, I struggle. I have resolved that it is not possible for me to be on time as a mother, therefore I don’t even bother trying because the times I did, I was late.

My husband helps out most times, and we are always on time for school, church and other events. but since he’s not around as much as before anymore… We became perpetual latecomers for everything.

My best seem not to be enough no matter how much I tried…

Weeks ago I had cause to be somewhere unfailingly everyday by latest 8 o’clock which means the children had to be in school latest 7:30am. 

Now I had to do all I could to keep up… Since my husband was still not around, I had to figure it out myself.

We woke up earlier, prayers, bath, dress up, breakfast, E.t.c into the car, drive to school, sign in, drive back… Long story short I made it to my destination before 8o’clock. And this has been the story ever since… On time

I couldn’t believe I could do it…  Be on time with time to spare!!! (Neither could my husband)

This made me realise we are the limitations we put on ourselves. If you want to do something, like really want to… You will find a way. There is really nothing impossible, it’s just… 

How big is your want to…?

How much do you want it?


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