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I have been meaning to start a category on people’s breakthrough testimonies on the blog… journey to parenthood and breakthroughs to encourage those facing any form of delay, trials and challenges in one way or the other and even show that even when it does not feel like it, God’s got our backs


I came across Yinka on Instagram, when I saw her testimony… I thought what better way to start a testimony series than with an amazing story of God’s abundance manifested in the life of his children…


I was blessed reading her testimony and I know you will be too…


She is @moni_onibata on Instagram and she is into shoes, bags and accessories (affordable and lovely ones too)




Dreams for children…

Growing up, I had always desired to have 3 biological children; two boys and a girl.


Did you and your hubby plan to wait awhile before having kids?

Initially, we wanted to wait before having kids. But as our wedding drew near we had a conviction in our spirit not to proceed with the contraceptives we had earlier planned and to proceed with having children immediately we got married. We obeyed and thank God we did, I guess God saw the plans of the enemy ahead and wanted to deal with it as quick as possible.


When did you start getting worried?

I think I started getting worried after I went for a routine medical check and my Doctor was convinced that I was pregnant (actually I was looking and feeling pregnant myself) and she carried out a pregnancy test and it come out negative, the look on her face made me realize something was amiss. Then she gave me a list of test to do and also a scan, then I knew there was fire on the mountain. I can remember going to my friend’s house after my hospital visit and showing her the series of test the doctor asked me to do( She is a nurse).. Then I got a call that my results were out and I was told I had PCOs in the doctor’s words” You have PCOs and both of your ovaries are affected and you would find it difficult to have babies because you are not ovulating….it was a shock but it was news that didn’t sink in…

Then the blood flow started that seemed it will never end… it was a prolonged bleeding that lasted for 60-90 days… I had to do a full blood count and I was told I was anemic… I will have 2-3 weeks break, then the bleeding starts over again.


How did you cheer yourself up during the dark days, when you felt choked…?

God’s promises kept me going..I think God had prepared me ahead for the battle. Exactly 3 years before I was diagnosed, God gave me a word about the children he was going to give me. Those words kept me going and I knew for sure that I was going to have my own children. I didn’t know when but I knew it was going to happen.

Also I had a deep revelation on the conception of Jesus. I discovered that God didn’t need a sperm for Mary to be conceived. Scriptures says she was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and Mary a virgin was pregnant and I kept saying to myself if God didn’t require a sperm for Mary to be pregnant then he doesn’t need me to ovulate to be pregnant…. That revelation lightened my darkness.


What do you think looking back; you would have done more or less of…?

They were days it got to me… and also then, I felt feverish I would go get a pregnancy kit. I did this a lot of times until my husband told me to stop…

In fact he said in his words “I will let you know when it’s time to do the test” and that is what happened. On the day I was confirmed pregnant, I remember that morning my husband said he thinks I should do a pregnancy test and also my Pastor’s wife saw me in the evening and said the something. I bought the kit home and he helped me with doing the test and YES! It was positive….IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE!!! It was such an emotional moment for the two of us..


What was your husband’s role during the wait?

Oh!! He was very supportive (God Bless Him) and he shielded me from being attacked, I mean verbal attacks. They were times he was asked if, I was using contraceptives and also if he was sleeping with me at all…

I can remember someone calling and the person said I was stopping the baby from coming, then we were battling with the prolonged blood flow and when I say blood flow I don’t mean spotting, I mean blood flow with clots. I started crying over the phone and my husband just took the phone from me and that was the last time I received such calls…

We were both in it together and we encouraged each other as well. You know when the bible says two is better than one…for when one is down the other picks him up. So it was.


Had your husband not been encouraging or supportive (for those who do not have support) what would you have done differently? 

I honestly don’t know how I would have reacted but it would have been a very difficult one. It’s like fighting a battle alone not having the priest take his place as the spiritual head of the home. Especially when I know, I was the one having a medical challenge…

But one thing I know, God will definitely send help and comfort through his people…I always believe in having a strong spiritual support system.


What role did friends, family, stranger, books, music, bible, prayer God or church play during this period?

Apart from God words comforting me, my family was a strong pillar of support, then my Pastor’s wife too. Also I got busy in the house of God, I was in the choir and most of the time during child dedication I led praises… I just gave myself totally to God .Also we both decided to enjoy our company (my husband and I) before our miracle came


What do you think you have to say to people who think God is punishing them for past sins or those who think God is not fair to them because God gave those who had lived recklessly or don’t even want kids, these children easily but they are ‘good’ and they do ‘good’ things yet struggle?

God is a merciful God…The bible says If any man be in Christ he is a NEW Creature; Old things have passed away and all things have become new…If You are in Christ, God has forgiven you…Your past is Past…To God you have done nothing wrong, your sins has been forgiven, washed off by the blood of Jesus Christ. You are a new being that is how God sees you…Don’t let the devil steal your joy and dampen your faith.. Condemnation is of the devil. The devil knows that as long as he keeps bringing up your past to you, you will feel unworthy, you won’t be confident to come ask God for anything… Please don’t listen to the devil.. God loves you and he wants to give you children.

Also, If you feel God has been unfair to you after your faithfulness to him, Trust me…God has not forgotten you…Everyone, who looked unto him for a child in scriptures had children apart from one, that is Michal and that is because God cursed her…. but I also believe if she has sought God for mercy and repented he would have opened her womb…Please be encouraged…He said in his word, he would not withhold any GOOD THING from those who walk uprightly…Children inclusive


Where you angry at God?

I wouldn’t say I was angry with God but I had questions in my heart? Like what was going on? Why all these? Was I under an attack? Because I just kept wondering where all these where coming from?




August 2013 during the Holy Ghost service convention (I watched the live transmission on TV) and Pastor Adeboye asked those who had their babies within the period of the last convention and that service to come with their babies. While they danced to the altar, I cried to God silently asking for my own baby… ten my hubby who was oblivious of my prayers spoke up and said:  “by this time next year, we will have a son” and he named him…and yes, God honored it…exactly that time the next year, we had a son…it was a miracle!

Two years after I began to panic, I wanted to be sure God had healed me and I could have more children; then we began trying for another baby… I saw my period again and I was devastated, I wept (I am sure God must have been laughing at me).

The next month, I had a dream where my Mum was telling me I was pregnant. Few weeks later I was confirmed pregnant…not just that…I was carrying a set of twins! I was in awe of God…a set of twins!! From being told I was not ovulating to carrying a set of twins…Haba this God!!! And after nine months, a week after our wedding anniversary, they were delivered…A boy and a girl!


  Final word…

God is has no respect for person…If he could do this for me, he is able to do this for anyone who dares to believe no matter the situation…”For the testimony of Jesus are the spirit of prophecy” Revelation 19:10


Thank you very much for sharing your testimony with us… I hope you were able to pick something from this cos I sure did!

Did you see those lovely children…remember her dream of having three children was it or was it not answered…what is that situation and I speak to myself also as I say “Is there anything too hard for God?”


If you have a testimony (who doesn’t?) please share with us by sending a mail to and bless someone…you never know who needs your story to find their breakthrough…

Also, if you have suggestions also…I am just a mail away…


See you next Friday…




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