Absence and Couples

Due to better job opportunities, further education for better prospect and different legit reason or the other, couples are now living apart. There is weekend, monthly, in-between, yearly (different category) husbands.
I don’t like it a bit, but what can I do-sacrifice today for a better tomorrow.
When ever my husband lives, it seems the light has been switched off in my home, the children will mope around for the first two days(I mope too but it’s the children we are talking about), they keep asking: “Is daddy on his way? Why did he go? When is he coming? I keep answering questions till the day he returns.

My first daughter even kept a piece of cake in the freezer, according to her that is Daddy’s share. On my own part, I had to learn how to go fill the gas,pay light bill, overcome the fear of driving and now am don jazzy of driving, then i have to enjoy those funny/crazy/memorable moments alone…it’s not fun joor
The day he returns, hahaha…you need to see Mummy and children vying for attention and bending his ears with talk, because we want to say everything before we forget and then the light is switched on again.
Forget #MenAreTrash cos mine #TakesAwayTrash 

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