My Monopoly? yours? whose?

I came to the room to meet Tori and Nugie playing with their brother. I saw that all the buttons on his pin-up was undone, and the weather was cold. “Why did you unbutton his shirt,” I scolded as I buttoned him up, they kept quiet till I finished my rant. Then Tori spoke up, “but Mummy, you removed it yourself before you went to the kitchen.” Apparently I had unbuttoned him with the intention of changing him but forgot. I was nonplussed and didn’t know how to bluff my way out, I just had to apologize to them.

I wondered how many times I have been guilty of pointing accusing fingers at others while I conveniently forgot to look in the mirror to see that those same fingers were pointing back at me. The times I have judged others by my flawed standards and found them wanting, the times I have concluded based on my ‘good intentions’ then again,do I have monopoly on ‘good intention?’

I believe its high time I start learning/portraying how to pause, have a God-filtered discussion with myself before I rush to conclusions and decisions in my head and with my mouth. That’s if I don’t want my children to grow up thinking they have monopoly on good behavior and attitude, therefore their opinions should supersede.

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