I only see in part…

Samuel, my seven months old baby is hungry and the whole world knows by his screams. I am pouring out his food and it has to be the right temperature before he takes it. He doesn’t understand why he should wait, he keeps screaming, struggling and holding my hands, it doesn’t make the food come any faster, rather it only delays the food because I am distracted trying to keep him calm and mix his food.
While the struggle is going on, the Holy Spirit impressed on my heart “that’s what you do, when you don’t get answers to your prayers at the time you want.”

I was trying to keep the food from burning Samuel’s mouth but he didn’t know that… all he wanted was to eat.

Like the testimony as told by a doctor of a man who had to lose his job before his wife could get pregnant. The couple had been praying for miracle in conception (the man had zero sperm count), along the line, he lost his job and they thought God was not being fair, but she took in few months later. They got to realize later that the meat he eats at the company cafeteria had high level progesterone,(given to animals to increase yield by cattle rearers). This was increasing his progesterone level, thereby affecting his sperm, he lost his job,his sperm count normalized and his wife got pregnant.

I have things, I have been asking God for, I don’t understand why it’s not happening asap, because I have done all I know to do. But the Holy Spirit used my son’s tantrum to teach me this morning, not all ‘supposed negativity’ is bad.
Samuel is now full and asleep. After taking his food at the right temperature and time.


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