Checks, Right and Wrong

My colleague told me a story that made me sit and rethink my laziness towards obeying the Holy Spirit through the inner check in my spirit.

According to him a couple in his hometown on way to the market with their toddlers (twins, boy and girl) had an accident in the middle of the river and their boat capsized. The man and his wife were seasoned swimmers; each took a child and tried swimming the long distance to shore with one hand (the children being toddlers could not hold on to their parents, hence swimming with one hand).

The man got to the shore with the girl by sheer brute will, the woman on the other hand got tired close to shore. She called out to the man to come help her with the child but he was too tired to brave the water again, so he told the woman to throw the baby into the river and save herself. She refused and tried to continue but her strength was spent, she had to choose drowning with the boy or throwing him into the river…so she threw him into the river and she managed to swim to shore.

Knowing what I know now about God and his concern for us, there would have been warnings, checks in her spirit or her husband’s not to go on the trip, not to enter that particular boat or maybe not to even go with the children that they ignored, brushed off…this story shook me and made me think of why I should not ignore that inner voice that tells me to stop, go, apologize, say the truth, pick it, leave it e.t.c because the more I obey the clearer the voice and the lesser the peril.

Oh! What that woman will be going through now. Maybe…just maybe if she were to have trusted God and swam some more they will both have survived but in times like this right and wrong becomes one and you begin to wonder…

have you had a check about before?

Did you ignore or follow through?

Let’s hear you!




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