​Journey to Discovering Love…

Still on John1…He was full of unfailing love and faithfulness… God’s unfailing love came through Christ… I checked for the meaning of faithfulness and it says… Loyal, reliable, worthy of trust and allegiance. Which means God has sworn allegiance to me(e fit die ontop my matter… Wait, he has already done that.) Unfailing also means inexhaustible (impossible to finish), change less and infallible (without fault or weakness, incapable of error) as in, ‘e no be scam.

So God sent Jesus with a loyal,reliable allegiance and an inexhaustible, change less Iove without fault/weakness that is incapable of error to Ufedo.
He sent Him as a lamb of sacrifice. It’s like He said, “oya take, go and shed your blood for Ufedo, be killed for Ufedo, so I can have her be with her and she can fully reach me without barrier.” The amazing part is that, it’s not a spur of the moment decision… He had planned it all along.
While studying this I thought, if He is all this… Were is the answer to my prayers? Why are all these negative things happening? 

But why did Abraham stick with Him even when there was no child after faithfully serving God most of his life and what made him ready to sacrifice the child because God said so? Why didn’t Job curse God and die? 

If it’s all about answers to my prayers… Why did they still stick with God when there was no answer and “realistically” it looked like God had abandoned/ignoring them?
I’m discovering… At the centre of it all, it’s not about me, if I can remove my attention from me long enough, it’s not about me, what I get or do not get… It is bigger, way bigger than me.

  1. Now, I have to keep reminding myself… Ufedo, it’s not about you

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